• MOC-K100 Mold Oscillation Online Monitoring System

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MOC-K100 Mold Oscillation Online Monitoring System

Wuhan, Hubei, China

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Mold is the casting billetcasting billetbillet nozzlecasting billetThe main function of the mould oscillationmouldingMOC-K100 mouldoscillationmould oscillationThe cingwhich providesThe meaning of the system

1. When the continuous , the oscillation occur. Awe can on- site  to oscillation to 2. During the normal operation of the equipment, with the fatigue and wear of the mechanical structure of the mold, the expected oscillationoscillationoscillationwith time change changingcontinuous  Timely and accurate monitoring of changes in these parameters is helpful to schedule maintenance.

4. According to the monitoring results of the equipment, the on-site working parameters are adjusted in time to avoid adoptingoscillation5. We can timely oscillationoscillation6. Adjust the working parameters reasonably according to the monitoring results, avoidinginging castingThe functions of the system

(1) Overview of monitoring parameters: Provides an overview of real-time monitoring parameters in the full screen, displaying all real-time data including oscillation(2) Time domain waveform: This function mainly displays the oscillationof oscillation(3) Waveform superposition: The difference between this function and the time domain waveform is that the waveforms of multiple measuring points are superimposed on a graph with lines of different colors on the same scale, and the oscillation(4) FFT: This functional module completes the calculation and display of the oscillationoscillationoscillation(5) Bar graph: The oscillation(6) Trend: After for under the oscillationThe parameters of the system

2. Sensor: three-dimensional oscillation3. Sensitivity: 1000mV/g

4. Frequency range: 0.04~10HZ

5. Frequency accuracy: ±0.01 Hz

6. Amplitude accuracy: 0.005mm

7. Transmission mode: wired digital transmission, wireless transmission

8. Host: 3U standard rack, handheld device

9. Sensor power supply: 24V.DC

10. Host power supply: 220V.AC/50Hz

Mold oscillation curve

The structure of the system

The main components of the continuous casting mouonline oscillation1. Three-dimensional oscillation2. Handheld oscillation scalibrator

3. Dedicated signal connection cable

4. Preamplifier

5. Operation processing unit

6. Graphic display terminal

7. Industrial Ethernet (TCP/IP) or PROFIBUS-DP communication components

8. Control cabinet

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Wuhan, Hubei, China
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