• MOC-N300 Mould Oscillation and Deflection Detection Instrument

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MOC-N300 Mould Oscillation and Deflection Detection Instrument

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The mold is a device that shapes the cast productmould oscillationdetection mould oscillations oscillationoscillationset.

ToscillationoscillationThe continuous casting mold deflection detection instrument independently process parameters such as oscillation amountoscillationhe tmouldThe structure of the instrument

Continuous casting mold oscillation and detection There are three axial acceleration sensors installed in the mold oscillationdetection oscillationoscillation. The oscillation signal and sensor status signal will be filtered and normalized, sent to the synchronous data collector for digitization and feature extraction, and the data is analyzed and processed masteroscillationThe functions of the system

1. Adopting mould oscillationoscillation1) Detect the oscillationoscillation2) Detect the amplitude of the mold oscillation3) Detect the deflection rate of oscillation

oscillation5) Three-dimensional display of the oscillationoscillationoscillation2. The software system adopts the design of mold oscillation1) Real-time data curve display: oscillationoscillation2) Single-axis curve display, multi-axis curve display, amplitude, acceleration, three-dimensional graph

3) View historical curve

4) Generate test report

5) Give a warning prompt

6) Spectrum analysis function

7) Long-term storage of data

3. Portable measurement method, which can provide handheld detection equipment with wireless remote transmission, and the operation is simple.

4. Provide an overview of inspection parameters under the full screen, displaying all data including oscillation parameters and process parameters. At the same time, the calculation and display of the oscillation spectrum is completed in real time, which is used to evaluate the frame loss of the waveform , and to determine whether there is a problem with the installation of the oscillation device.

5. Alarm management. Record each alarm data under real-time alarm conditions to analyze the cause of the alarm and evaluate the impact of the alarm on production.

6. Parameter setting. Users can set the ideal oscillation. We also can  etc7. After charging the device, it 8. Integrate embedded processing equipment to realize data collection, display, analysis, reporting and other functions.

9. According to the mold characteristics and user requirements, it can be flexibly configured, wich is oscillation tables10. Support wired and wireless data transmission functions, easy to use.

11. Use the laptopcan be d forcan analyze and process the data conveniently.

The features of the system

1. The actual oscillation state replaces the ideal oscillation state. The actual oscillation state of the table is used to formulate a control strategy, so that the oscillation table can be used to produce products with more accurate oscillation.

2. Convenient detection method. The equipment can be used for on-site inspection at any time, and the production site can grasp the operating status of the on-site equipment in time, so that we can make production adjustments to the equipment at any time.

3. Efficient working methods and processing platforms. The high-integration equipment developed by embedded technology can work in high temperature and harsh environment. This system can comprehensively detect XYZ three-axis data, and realize real-time data analysis and processing with high-speed data operation and processing platform.

4. Powerful database function. The database adopts the mode of computer automatic management and operator’s manual assistance management, and there are tables for recording historical data and alarm data and working parameter setting table of monitoring system inside the database. By adjusting the output range, the best output effect can be obtained.

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Wuhan, Hubei, China
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